Sledge slide track CLOSED

From 14.3. 2020  sledge slide track  closed.

Perfect conditions, sledge slide track is OPEN.

The sledgeslide is in very good condition for sliding, lets come and enjoy sledging.

Sledge slide is opened

We will OPEN from 5.2. – day rides. Due to very low level of snow there are no nature mantinels along the track. Please be very carrefull during the ride!

Thursday and Friday – night rides.

Thanks to some snowfall we have received within last few days we have better conditions on the sledge slide track. We can finaly open also night rides.

Sledge slide track closed.

Season 2018/19 is over, see you next winter.

Satturday 30.3. OPEN 10:00 – 16:00.

This Satturday 30.3. 2019 last chance for sledging this winter. 

Operation of the track 25. – 31.3. 2019

Sledge slide track open. Monday – Friday reservation needed, OPEN 11:00 – 11:00. 

Winter is back, lets come to sledge.

Operation times for this week: Tuesday only day rides, Wednesday – Satturday day and night, Sunday day rides only.

Sledge slide track open, buses every hour.

There is still a lot of snow, lets come to have a ride.