Sáňkařská dráha Špindlerův MlýnSáňkařská dráha Špindlerův Mlýn
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Tips and advice

Clothing and footwear

Slide sledging can be enjoyed best if you are well prepared. Then drifting snow when you drive down the hill cannot surprise you.

We recommend gloves and a hat, warm winter clothing with regard to the current outdoor temperature, i.e. a jacket or coat and trousers. Skirts and jeans are not really appropriate, however, if necessary, you can make it even in them. Suitable shoes are important, ideally winter boots, without heels. Ski boots are completely inappropriate, but snowboard boots are fine.

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Ride with a helmet

We recommend adults and especially children who want to look after their safety wear a ski or snowboard helmet. If you do not have a helmet, you can borrow it at the ski rental  Yellow Point, which is located just a few steps from the departure place in the town centre. Opening hours, price-list and more info here.

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Other equipment

If you have ski goggles, definitely do not leave them at home. Sunglasses (during daily rides) can also serve well, as well as various other sporting glasses. However, beware of all kinds of filters and darkening in the case of evening rides.

Especially for night sledging it is convenient to have a headlamp, i.e. a light that you don’t hold in your hand. During evening rides the track is lit over the entire length. The lights are located in the smallest spacing that the location allows, however it does not mean that the light is the same as the daytime. Therefore some sledge-riders prefer to have more light if possible.

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If you need to park your car in Špindlerův Mlýn, the ideal place is Hromovka parking lot – in the winter season it is free of charge. The journey from the farthest corner of the parking lot to the departure place of the sledge bus in the town centre takes about 10 minutes. Note. During high season and especially in the morning time the parking lot of the skiing resort might be full. During the day, in the afternoon, however, the spaces become available due to the leaving skiers.

Another, although limited capacity parking areas are located next to the departure point of the sledge bus in the town centre. Parking price is determined by the current price-list of the parking lot operator.

Parking is not possible for the capacity reasons at the finish of the track at Dívčí lávky and at the Malý Šišák starting point. In the case of entry and exit of sledgers with their own transport, make sure to have a KRNAP permit for entry into the National park.

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Tips for trips

Take advantage of the unique position of the track and include it into your trip.

The least demanding and convenient option is to buy tickets for the sledge slide in the town centre, where a bus can take you to start of the track. Here you can take a short walk around, climb towards Malý Šišák or complete the approximate 2.5 km walk towards Špindlerova bouda, along the Polish border and along the so-called Silesian path back to the start. An equally attractive option is to combine a walk with an excellent lunch e.g. in the panoramic restaurant in Erlebachova bouda.

For lovers of longer trips, we recommend a hike to the start of the sledge slide from Špindlerův Mlýn, first Elbe upstream in the direction of Dívčí lávky, then through the White Elbe valley and from there along the yellow mark, along the first more significant climbing up to the start of the track.

Whether you opt for any option, it is useful when you purchase the tickets to inform the track operator of your intention to abstain on the trip. In turn, they will advise you on what time you need to be at the start to e.g. catch the bus from the track destination back to town.

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Safety Decalogue

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear, it is also suitable to wear goggles and helmet.

Do not overtake on the track, keep a safe distance from others – at least 25 metres.

When riding continuously keep the entire surface of your foot on the break with the respect to the slope of the track.

Adjust driving speeds to your abilities, conditions and state of the track.

In case of loss of control over the direction and speed of the sledge try to brake immediately.

In the event of a fall, accident or stop, immediately leave the track, including the braking area before crossing the road.

Be careful when crossing the road. Cross the road only on foot and always look around.

Remember that alcohol is always better after the ride.

Observe the operating instructions and warning signs on the track.

In case of an accident, inform the operator (HOTLINE listed on every ticket).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to reserve a ride?

It is not necessary to reserve a ride on the sledge slide in advance during opening hours. However, it is appropriate to always go to the place of departure 15 minutes before the bus departs if you want to be sure to have a place. For groups of over 20 people we do recommend reservations (via email, HOTLINE).

Can two adults go on the sledge?

The sledge is designed for only one adult at a time. Two or more people riding on the sledge at the same time would complicate the handling of the sledge. Turning and braking would be difficult and the ride would be very dangerous. Therefore, only one adult at a time must ride on the sledge.

How long does one ride on the track take?

Driving time of each individual is different, some people go faster than others. Generally, one full-time ride, including transport by bus from the town centre to the return, takes one hour. If you do fancy the ride and you want to repeat it, the time extends. The actual ride of the sledge takes approximately 15-30 minutes.

Who is the sledge sliding inappropriate for?

To go on the sledge slide it is not necessary to be in a special physical condition. Although acute or chronic back problems and problems with lower limb joints are not suitable. The sledge moves differently during the ride and feet are important for proper braking. It always depends on your assessment of whether it will be enough just to watch out and ride with caution.

Can I go on bob, “ruffe” or “pan” …?

Riding on the track is only allowed on the sledge. Bob, pans, ruffe and other similar rovers are not allowed on the track for safety reasons. The braking is different, getting off the rovers is often problematic and also sitting under the level of other riders is dangerous.

We have our own sledge, can we bring them?

We understand that you have your favourite sledge. For capacity reasons, we cannot guarantee their transport by our buses to the start, we use separate transport for transporting our sledges. So if you want to ride on your own sledge, you need to get to the start with your own transport (common bus, taxi,…).

Do the conditions on the track change during the day?

Conditions on the track change during the day, not only depending on the weather. The same applies to ski slopes and trails for cross-country skiers. With increasing temperature, the riding is slower, a flurry of new snow during the day slows riding too. It suits the riders who prefer a slower and more controlled ride. Conversely, the colder conditions, older and travelled or frozen snow make the ride faster, sledge rides well in milder sections and in the steep sections it is necessary to use break more. In the course of the day, rocking sections can also be created, often in combination with fresh or soft snow, most often in the middle of the track. For those who prefer a smooth track, it is ideal to choose a route along the edge of the track or come to sledge on the first morning or evening rides, i.e. at a time when the track is directly after maintenance by the groomer.

Why try evening sledging?

Even if you’ve been sledging during the day, riding on the lit sledging track brings another dimension. The play of light and shadow can be romantic for someone or a dose of adrenaline for someone else. There is no better option than to end the day full of skiing with sledge ride and mulled wine or hot chocolate at the finish.

Can small children master the ride?

The sledge slide is designed especially for parents with children. The smallest and fearful children always ride on a sleigh together with the adult who must properly adjust the speed to the fact that they carry a valuable cargo beside them. Children over seven years can usually manage to ride by themselves, it is always necessary to have the supervision of an older person on the other sledge.

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