Preparations for season opening in progress

It looks like winter has arrived to Giang mountains.

Sunday 1st of April last night rides of the season.

Sunday 1.4. day and night rides. Monday 2.4. last day of the season.

Satturday 16.3. buses every 30 minutes.

On Satturday 16.3. our buses operates every 30 minutes (only for day rides). Night rides every hour.

Tuesday 13.3. OPEN 10:00 – 17:00, night rides from Wednesday.

We still have enough snow on the sledge slide track. Check operation times for this week.

1.1. 2018 open from 11AM

1.1. 2018 first bus to the start at 11:00.

Operation of the track 11.-17.12. 2017

Monday and Tuesday (11.-12.12.) sledge slide track closed due to a work on the track.

Opening this weekend.

Sledge slide track is open from 9.12.