Sáňkařská dráha Špindlerův MlýnSáňkařská dráha Špindlerův Mlýn
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The operating conditions

The operating conditions

I.The general conditions
1. These operating regulations apply the sledge run operations.
2. All of the participants in the sledge run operations (hereafter also referred to as “visitors”) are obliged to adhere to these operating conditions, the valid legal regulations of the Czech Republic and the operator’s instructions.
3. The adherence to the operating conditions may be inspected by the duly denoted individuals appointed by the operator (hereafter simply referred to as the “authorised individuals”). The visitors are obliged to adhere to their instructions.
4. The operator of the centre is not responsible for any damage to the property and health of the visitors caused by any behaviour which is at odds with these operating conditions or the instructions of the operator and/or the authorised individuals or is at odds with the legal code of the Czech Republic.
5. By purchasing a ticket, the visitor pledges to adhere to the contractual conditions set out in these operating conditions. The ticket is non-transferable and may not be traded. The visitor must have the ticket on his/her person so that the visitor may show it to an authorised individual at any time.
6. The authorised individuals are entitled to remove a visitor from the sledge run in the case of any gross breach of these operating conditions, including any visitors under the influence of alcohol and addictive substances, and to do so without the visitor being entitled to a refund of the ticket price.
7. The operations of the sledge run may be interrupted with regard to the snow and weather conditions or ice and other bad weather conditions. Exceptional modifications may also arise during sledge run operations due to the aforementioned circumstances.

II. The ride conditions
1. Visitors use the sledge run at their own risk and must pay attention to both their own safety and that of the other visitors. Visitors may not ride under the influence of alcohol or any other addictive substances.
2. The construction of any impediments or snow formations on the sledge run is prohibited.
3. It is only permitted to access the sledge run at the designated starting point.
4. Each visitor is obliged to maintain a distance of at least 20 metres from the rider in front. Each visitor is obliged to heed the warning and instruction signs.
5. Visitors are not permitted to stop on the sledge run and must leave the area of the sledge run immediately in the case of an accident.
6. When riding on the sledge run, the visitors are further obliged:
– to refrain from remaining too long on the stretches before the road crossings
– to immediately leave the area of the sledge run in the case of a fall
– to refrain from riding head first and to always ride in a seated position
– to adjust their speed to ensure a safe ride down the sledge run, so as not endanger themselves or other riders
– to be equipped with suitable clothing, footwear and goggles so as not endanger themselves or other riders
– to refrain from stopping on the sledge run and to immediately leave the track in the case of an accident
– to adhere to the instructions of the authorised individuals and to adhere to the traffic signs along the track.
7. Pedestrians, skiers, snowboarders, snowmobiles and quads are not allowed to enter the sledge run (except of snowmobiles and quads that belongs to operator of sledge slide track).

III. The road crossings
1. The sledge run crosses the road 3 times.
2. Signs warning of the approaching road are located on the sledge run before each road. The visitors are obliged to stop before each road.
3. When crossing the road, the visitors become participants in the road traffic. They must therefore look both ways before crossing the road.

IV. First aid
1. Every visitor is obliged to provide first aid to any injured individuals and to immediately call the Mountain Rescue Service (telephone no. (tel./fax: 499 433 230 (239)).
2. Whoever fails to provide the necessary first aid to an individual who is in danger of dying or has symptoms of a serious illness will be subject not only to liability for damages, but also to the threat of a criminal prosecution for the criminal offence of the failure to provide first aid in accordance with the provisions of section 207 of the Criminal Code.

V. Ticket price refunds

The operator will only provide the visitor with a refund of the ticket price or any proportionate thereof in the case of an interruption of operations lasting longer than three hours.

VI. Operations
1. The sledge run operates daily from 10:00 to 17:00 day sledging and from 18:00 to 21:00 night sledging, given sufficient snow cover. The last riders are allowed on the track not later than 30 minutes before closing time.
2. The visitors are obliged to have a valid ticket and to present it to an authorised individual upon request.

VII. The concluding provisions 
1. The Operator of the sledge run is Snow&Fun s.r.o., Sluštická 1627/14, 100 00 Praha 10.
2. You can receive more information on the telephone number: +420 601 222 111 or email: info@sankarska-draha.cz
3. These operating conditions apply from 1st December 2008