The track is opened without restrictions

The weather finally helped us a bit and the conditions on the track are ideal. In the following days the bus from center departs from 10:00 to 16:00 every half hour and at evening rides at 6 pm, 7 pm and 8 pm.

Sledge slide is opened

We will OPEN from 5.2. – day rides. Due to very low level of snow there are no nature mantinels along the track. Please be very carrefull during the ride!

Sledge slide track still closed, doing our best to open soon.

Trucks transporting a snow, snowmachines delivering it on the track, employees showeling day by day. We are working hard to prepair the track.

Temporarily closed

There is not egough snow on the track. CLOSED.

Ski slope on Malý Šišák in operation.

29.12. 2019 we welcome the first skiers and snowboarders on the ski lift near Erlebachova bouda. The sledge slide track is still out of service.

Winter is back, lets come to sledge.

Operation times for this week: Tuesday only day rides, Wednesday – Satturday day and night, Sunday day rides only.

Open from 25.12.

Sledge slide track is open for the season.

Opening on Friday…

Doing maximum to open on Friday 24th of February.