Season 2018/19 is over, see you next winter.

Satturday 30.3. OPEN 10:00 – 16:00.

This Satturday 30.3. 2019 last chance for sledging this winter. 

Operation of the sledge track 25.-31.3. 2019.

Sledge slide track open. Monday – Friday reservation needed, OPEN 11:00 – 11:00. 

Sledge slide track open, buses every hour.

There is still a lot of snow, lets come to have a ride.

Operation times 30.12. 2018 – 1.1. 2019

Sunday 30.12. we do have night rides as well, Monday 31.12. open only untill 17:00. On New Year day open from 11:00 until 21:00. 

Open from 25.12.

Sledge slide track is open for the season.

Sledge slide track temporarilly closed – danger of falling trees.

Quite a lot of fresh snow caused falling of trees in the forest where the sledge slide track is. For next few days the track will be temporarily closed. Possible opening 25.12. 2018.

Season opening depends on weather.

We have almost finished preparations of the track. First ride of snowmachine showed few more sections of the sledge slide track we have to work on. If the weather is ok, we would open on Satturday 22nd. If it rains, we should postpone season opening few days later. Check this web for actual information.

Preparations for the season opening in progress

It looks like winter has arrived to Giang mountains.

SUNDAY 1.4. last night rides of the season.

Sunday 1.4. day and night rides. Monday 2.4. last day of the season.